Frequently Asked Questions

- What is HBOT?

A hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a medical treatment which consists of elevating the body from 1.5 to 3 Absolute Atmospheres (ATA) while breathing pure oxygen, to increase oxygen levels in the tissue and cells creating a faster recovery process.

- What is a hyperbaric chamber?

A hyperbaric chamber is a steel cylinder with thick walls that can pressurize and administer pure oxygen to patients inside the cylinder. It can be found in many sizes for different species.

- How costly is a hyperbaric chamber?

A hyperbaric chamber is a costly product but with a big revenue opportunity and fast investment recovery.

- How fast can I get my hyperbaric chamber?

Once you purchase your hyperbaric chamber, you can expect it to be in your clinic from 3 to 5 weeks ready and working.

- How much space do I need to operate and install a hyperbaric chamber?

For a comfortable and safe use of our small companion models, we recommend a minimum of 8ft x 8ft space.

- Can my staff get trained as well?

With every purchase, we include a training for the veterinarian in charge of the machine and 2 staff members.

- What is the difference between a compressed air hyperbaric chamber and a compressed pure oxygen hyperbaric chamber?

Hypervet’s hyperbaric chambers are compressed air with pure breathable oxygen locally using either a mask or special cage versus a hyperbaric chamber that fills the entire chamber with pure oxygen therefore creating a more volatile chamber with a much higher probability of ignition.

- How long is a HBOT session?

It can go between 40 minutes to 1 hour depending on the patient and the diagnosis.

- How many sessions can a pet get per day?

A single pet can get up to 2 sessions per day with 8 hours of difference between each other.

- What can I expect my pet to feel?

Hyperbaric therapy is very relaxing to the patient. The pet will be breathing as normal and laying in a comfortable position.

- Are there any side effects?

As with any other medical procedure or therapy, it can have minor and temporary side effects.
Such as the same sensation you feel when in a rising airplane and the cabin is pressurized. Different techniques and procedures are done to minimize the risks.

- Does a hyperbaric chamber need constant maintenance?

We recommend a yearly maintenance for our steel hyperbaric chambers. In comparison to acrylic hyperbaric chambers, our steel hyperbaric chambers don’t need a complete overhaul every 8 years.

- What are our manufacturer certifications?

Our hyperbaric chambers are manufactured under strict international guidelines to maintain a superior standard of quality, such as: ASME, NAFTA, ASNT and ASTM.
ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 are part of our international manufacturing certifications.

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