Justin Bieber is using a hyperbaric chamber. How about your pet?

Justin Bieber is using a hyperbaric chamber. How about your pet?

Over the last few days it has become known that the famous singer Justin Bieber is making use of an hyperbaric chamber to improve his sleeping. But how can a hyperbaric chamber help your pet?

First of all, we wouldn't recommend anyone to sleep in a hyperbaric chamber. A chamber is a medical device that can only be operated by a certified medic.

Hyperbaric chambers have a variety of uses and the way they work for humans is the same as for animals. Hyperbaric treatment, also known as HBOT, enhances the natural healing process by breathing in pure oxygen while being in a compressed tube.


Undergoing a HBOT treatment after surgery can reduce recovery time significantly with an increased benefit of creating stronger tissue around the wound.

A study performed in 2004 proved that rats who underwent hyperbaric oxygen therapy after scientist had removed 2mm (roughly 1/16") of the Medical Collateral Ligament created more scar tissue and had improved flexibility than their counterparts who didn't enjoy the treatment.


Cancer is the leading cause of death for dogs over the age of 10. Luckily, numerous studies on animals have proven that hyperbaric oxygenation can fight cancers like breast cancer.

Sports injuries

Using hyperbaric oxygen treatment after getting a sports injury will help speed up the recovery process resulting in less time being sidelined. A study performed in Scotland in 1993 resulted in athletes being recovered 55% faster because of HBOT!


In this blog post we have only covered the tip of the iceberg, there are endless conditions that are treatable with hyperbaric oxygenation. If performed by a certified medic the risk of side effects is almost zero.

Talk to your veterinarian to see if hyperbaric oxygen treatment can be beneficial for your beloved pet.

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