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What is HBOT?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is a medical treatment that consists of a pressure chamber and delivering 100%.

The intake of pure oxygen that gets delivered directly into the blood plasma, in combination with the increased atmospheric pressure, increases the distance of oxygen diffusing into the tissue by 400% and provides the body over 15 times the regular supply of oxygen.

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Positive effects

Main Benefits

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Bacteria Killer

- Eliminates anaerobic bacteria.

- Prevents bacterial growth.

- Increases white blood cell regeneration & efficiency.

- Eases antibiotics to cross bacterial cell walls.

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- Powerful vasoconstrictor.

- Facilitates the transportation of oxygen to tissues.

- Improves production of fibroblasts.

- Stimulates the synthesis of collagen.

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- Augments oxygen concentration in the blood plasma.

- Reduces edema.

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- Stimulates cellular immunity.

- Increases the production of stem cells.

- Improves medication absorption.

About us

We are a company leader in up-to-date & quality certified veterinary hyperbaric chambers for both small companion animals and large animals.

Our parent company has been designing, manufacturing, teaching about, and selling hyperbaric chambers for over 35 years throughout Latin America.

Our goal as a company is to expand the awareness of hyperbaric medicine for veterinary use worldwide.

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